Meet the Teacher

Melinda Okasho

Melinda Okasho is from Sunnyvale, California, a suburb near San Francisco. She started babysitting at the age of eleven at local Jazzercise classes and from there built a network of other families to take care of. She has always loved children and, being of Japanese decent, she was interested in visiting Japan; so after graduating from the University of Southern California she moved to Nishinomiya, Japan to teach a at children’s English conversation school. She taught all ages, from six months to adult, and gained experience teaching various levels and abilities. After teaching there for two and a half years she was promoted to train teachers at the company’s headquarters in Okayama. While training teachers, she also assisted in the curriculum development and creating of new original textbooks, as well as visiting branch schools and substituting when there was an emergency. She got married and moved to Sakai where she started Gomoku. From her experience teaching in Japan, she has developed a unique curriculum for her school and what she believes is the ideal environment for teaching English.


メリンダ・オカショ  アメリカ カリフォルニア州サンフランシスコ郊外のサニーベール市出身