"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

--教育は世界を変えるの最も効果的で、強大な武器である--  ネルソン・マンデラ

At Gomoku, we offer an option for everyone! Please feel free to come in for a trial and see how you like it!

We encourage students to come as much as possible so that they can eventually become bilingual.




Trial Lesson: ¥1,500 for a 50-min lesson (one time only)

体験レッスン:50分レッスン(¥1500)  一回限り


Entrance fee: ¥10,000 (this will include materials used in class and allow us to create new materials that are catered to your level)

入会金:¥10,000 (入会金はレッスンで使用する、それぞれのレベルに合わせた教材の作成などに充てられます)



​Regular Lesson レギュラーレッスン

50-minute group lesson (up to five students; ages 4 to 6, 6-8, 9-11)
This lesson is designed to teach basic English and develop confidence in speaking and using English. For beginners or students who aren’t sure

if they can concentrate for a Long Lesson, this is a way for students to gain a basic vocabulary while developing their interest in English. The more often you can come, the more quickly you will see improvement, so we recommend coming twice a week if possible.

    ¥1,500 per lesson x 4 times a month (1 day a week)=¥6,000 per month
    ¥1,500 per lesson x 8 times a month (2 days a week)=¥12,000 per month


50分のグループレッスン( 4〜6歳、低学年生・高学年生のレッスンもあります 1レッスン5人まで)



 ¥1,500 x 週1回= 月4回 ¥6,000

 ¥1,500 x 週2回=月8回 ¥12,000

Ticket Lesson Plan チケットレッスンプラン

Use one ticket for an 50-minute.
This system is designed for students who cannot commit to coming every week but are still interested in learning English when they have the time. This is a convenient system that allows you to come whenever you want. Each set of tickets will be valid for a period of three months from the purchase date.
    ¥2,000 x 4=¥8,000
    ¥1,800 x 8=¥14,400
    ¥1,600 x 20=¥32,000





 4回分 ¥8,000 (1レッスン ¥2,000)

 8回分 ¥14,400 (1レッスン ¥1,800)

 20回分 ¥32,000 (1レッスン ¥1,600)

Private Lessons プライベートレッスン

Private Lessons are offered for students who seek individual attention and would like a lesson catered more closely to their needs and abilities. Private Lessons can be scheduled for elementary, junior high, and high school students. Please visit for a trial and level check.




All fees will be collected in cash or PayPay.